03 October 2012

Book Review: Violet Midnight

Damn Lynn Rush for another amazing story! I have got to stop reading new series when they first come out, because I absolutely HATE waiting for the next book to come out to find out what happens next.

We are introduced to a new world of vampires and vampire hunters in Violet Midnight. Emma Martin is a strong young woman dealing with the normal college routine... well, normal except for the detecting and hunting vampires part. Emma isn't quite the normal girl she pretends to be. She's strong, she fights well, and she has a few other surprises up her sleeve. She's alone, however, in her battle against the dark - or so she thinks.

When Jake Cunningham sees Emma fighting, he realizes that she's the answer to his two year quest for answers about who and what he is. More than that, she's perfect for him, and he can't quite help himself when she feels so right to him and so right in his arms.

When Jake's family surfaces with its dark legacy, the couple must fight for their love in an unexpected way.

Overall, I enjoyed the story line. I wasn't very surprised by some of the characters' behaviors (I won't say who) and I felt that (even with the great backstory) the romance built really quickly. But the pace was great, no slowing or lagging, and Rush handled the twists beautifully.