26 March 2012

Book Review: Journal Through Your Grief: Guided Journal Handbook to Work Through Loss

As a mental health professional, grief is a fundamental part of any healing process. We carry grief for long periods of time and it changes us in many ways, some subtle and some not so subtle. Mostly, however, we struggle to work through it and move forward. We struggle to know how to help someone we care for who is grieving.

I hesitate to say that this workbook is simple, because it's not. It gives you prompts to journal about some very precious memories, some very deep feelings, and some unresolved thoughts and feelings. However, it is simple in that it allows you to be yourself, and to express yourself, in a very honest way.

Robyn Lindsey provides 30 journal prompts that are thought-provoking and that touch the heart. More importantly, they touch the grief that is inside. She offers several different ways of approaching the prompts, to take it at a pace that is comfortable to each individual, while still allowing them to deal with their grief.

This would be a great tool for any mental health professional, as well as anyone who is working through grief issues. It's currently available in both paperback and in Kindle format on Amazon.com

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