04 September 2012

Call Out.... postponed.

Recently (why, just last week) a dear and wonderful friend, whom I consider to be a sister, damn near called me out on her blog. How so, might you ask?

Why, I'm so glad you did.

You see, she posted this wonderful blog about the LOOK challenge.
I know, it seems harmless. Fantastic even, for we get (thanks to the LOOK challenge) a sneak peek at her novella, Gypsy Magick. For those of you still catching up, Gypsy Magick is a novella sequel to her first work, Magick Charm. And if you haven't read that, then why the hell are you still here? GO TO AMAZON. BUY IT. READ IT. You will be so much better for it.

I digress.

If you scroll down, past the lovely sneak peek, you'll see a list. A list? Yes, a list. A list of people she is challenging to share a sneak peek of their work.

And now we come back full circle. CALLED OUT. Perhaps you think this a mild overreaction. You could be correct. In a parallel universe.  You see, I am so overdue finishing two separate works at this point, it has become a running joke. A JOKE, I tell you.

Hence, I've been called out.

So, later today, after doing some editing for a wonderful up and coming author (well, and after taking a nap, because I still haven't gone to sleep yet from an overnight shift), I will be posting a sneak peek of one of my two novels. Both of which are untitled. And I haven't decided which one to post yet. I'll sleep on that.

I love you, J Sunny. :-) But I will get you. Just wait.

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