04 June 2011

Bedroom Suite

So, the product of my teeth-gnashing and hair pulling and lots and lots of cursing entered my house on Wednesday successfully.

My furniture is beautiful. And it fits (mostly) so we measured right.

But it took until Friday evening before it looked like a room again. First, I had to put all my clothes away in the dresser and chest of drawers, plus transfer the items from my old nightstand into my new one. Which took forever, because I have more drawers now (and bigger drawers) so I can store differently and (hopefully) more efficiently. Then, there's the bits and bobs that have to find new homes from where they'd been before. And I'm very picky when it comes to the placement of such things, for reasons that are wholly inexplicable to me. Finally, the pictures and framed prints on the walls, so it looks like someone actually lives in it. And here's the end result:

My beautiful bed

A view of my dresser

Altar, closet, and a bit of the footboard

Okay, so you can't see the footboard well.

I have drawers in my bed!

So, adulthood thus far is turning out to be not so bad. My bed is incredibly comfortable and beautiful and my new favorite place to read (sorry, comfy chair). Now... to see how it does as a writing place... I'll get back to you on that part.

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