15 June 2011

Inspiration, Muses, and Sabbaticals

There are days when inspiration will not leave you alone. Every other moment is, "OH!" and a poem verse starts forming or a clever opening line to a poem dances suggestively in the mind, luring you into the frenzy of trying to get it all down before it flits away. As much as I love those days, they can be crazy making, because they tend to come at the most inconvenient times. Like during a 12.5 hour shift at work. Or when my phone has died and I forgot my notebook at home and having absolutely nothing with which to write. I try to hold onto as much as I can until I can get a pen and, if all else fails, a napkin, to jot some of it down before it fades away into the ether.

And then, there are those *other* days. You know, the days when you realize that your Muse has taken a sabbatical and neglected to inform you. You plead, you beg, you threaten, and you bribe... but no, She hasn't elected to return just yet. Fortunately, she picked an awesome time to go on sabbatical because I now have strep and, I think, a cold and my brain is pretty fuzzy from the sleep deprivation (between waking up to drink something because my throat is on fire and waking up because I can no longer breathe through my nose because it's so stuffy, there isn't much good sleep happening). For once, this works out in my favor. Hopefully, her return will occur just as my cold is over and she won't leave me in limbo for too long.

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