01 June 2011


Or rather, the uninspiring lack thereof. I am turning 30 later this month and am excited to celebrate another birthday. One step in this shift from post-adolescent/young adult chapter to Adult chapter of my life has been to purchase a new bedroom set.

This is noteworthy for two reasons: 1. I hate shopping. Furniture shopping is, I'm pretty sure, one of the outer rings of Hell. 2. I've had my current bedroom set since I was 2. Yes, for 28 years this set is with me.

Well, was with me. My new furniture came today. I'll share pictures later. But, with the arrival of new furniture comes rearranging, reorganizing, and other new stuff. Like new sheets. Which brings me to the point of this blog.

How the hell do they get the fitted sheets to fold so nicely in the package from which I pulled it to wash it? I would like to know. I would like lessons from these highly skilled sheet folders. Because I just spent the last 15 minutes folding and refolding a fitted sheet only to want to throw it out the window because it's a shapeless pile of sheet with some folds in it, and I would like to move on from this. Shouldn't there be a class where, as an adult, you learn how to properly fold sheets so they can be stored prettily in a new, cedar-lined drawer? How did those sheet packagers learn to do this? I've been folding fitted sheets for, I don't know, 16-18 years and still a puddle of blah with some folds. Bah. I'm just going to put it in the drawer and move on. But if you know of such skilled fitted sheet folders, dear readers, please share. If nothing else, I'll just hire one to come and fold some fitted sheets for me and leave them folded and pretty in the drawer.

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  1. There is a correct way to fold a fitted sheet but I think that brain surgery must be easier. And since I can't even seem to fold shirts very well I'll leave it to those with that esoteric--albeit important--knowledge.