24 July 2011

Book Review: Knightfall

Berinn Rae developed an interesting and fresh new paranormal world in Knightfall, from its varied mythological and supernatural creatures to a very clever nod to Arthurian legend. The pace was quick, but not dizzying, and the characters sharp and defined. Perhaps my only real frustration regarding the content of the novel was that it seemed almost too short, in the sense that I could have delved more into the characters (and not just the main two). I was sad when the book ended!  The interplay between Gareth and Kerra was interesting and very true to the core characteristics of who each of them is, which is always a pleasure to see. This world, the realm of the Hidden, is a fascinating one and I am very much looking forward to the next book to learn more about it and its characters.

However, I have serious complaints about the editor. There are a significant number of grammatical errors, missing words, and sentence structure issues that Rae's editor should have caught. It made reading the book a struggle at times, because you couldn't not notice the issues.  If you can get yourself to look past those problems, the content is well worth the read. Hopefully, Rae will have a new editor for the next book so we will not be distracted from the well-crafted content.

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