25 July 2011

ROW80 Update

So, on one hand, I am progressing quite nicely in my writing efforts. I have new scenes marked to be written (to include necessary pieces from 3rd person perspective so that I can write other, later scenes) and have actually done some good writing in a current, albeit longer than expected scene.

On the other hand, I am in so much trouble. You know how when you're writing and just plugging along and you see a character in a certain way, because that's who the character is, and then you hit a point where, to maintain the truth of that character, you have to do more work?

Right. So, I now have to create geneologies for some of the characters (because it actually is important) so I can keep them straight, for 3 specific conversations that one character is going to have. I realized this while talking with my mom about a way that my grandmother talks about locals in her small town, an element that fits beautifully with a particular character. As my mom and I talked about how my grandma does this, we both realized that, in order for me to keep everyone straight, I'm going to need family trees. Well, hell. So, during tonight's overnight shift, I will not be so much 'writing' as I will be 'charting.' Family tree charting, that is. Doh.

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