01 April 2013

A is for...

Welcome to the first day of the A to Z challenge!

Today's topic is art. I consider myself an artist, not because I have immense talent, but because I love the process of creating and of using my imagination. I am an artist of the mind more than of paper or paint or clay.

I know amazing and talented artists (Kara DeCarlo) and photographers (Kym Davis). I know writers of great skill (Jennifer Wells) and sculptors. I know knitters and weavers, seamstresses and dancers. I even know a tarot reader who would knock your socks off. All of these are art. Art is simply an expression of the mind and the soul, a way to release thoughts, feelings, dreams, anything.

I do it with poetry a lot. I use words to take something inside me and let it free. Sometimes I knit, to soothe the soul and create something comforting to put into the world. Sometimes I paint, in a very abstract, play with color to see what happens kind of way.

How about you? How do you express yourself?

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  1. I love art! I express myself through writing, acting, painting, crafting, cooking, knitting, card readings, psychic readings, singing, graphic design, web design, more.
    Happy April, and happy first day of the A to Z Challenge. Whee! :-)

  2. Great start, Amy! I know I'll be seeing your blog a LOT this month... :)

  3. Ellen, thanks for sharing! This is going to be quite an adventure, am I right?

  4. John, thanks! I've got them all planned out and drafts set up so I can keep up. You know us Mercury ruled folks and preparedness. :-)

  5. Wonderful post! Looking forward to reading more.

    Donna at Donna's New Day

  6. Hi, Amy - great post!

    I express myself through my fiction, by way of my heroes, heroines, story kids, and the interfering older folks who populate my books. I write romance so the writing provides a wonderful way to work through my emotions. :)

    This is my first time around with A to Z, also. Good luck to you!