12 April 2013

K is for...

Hello, and welcome to day eleven of the A to Z Challenge!

Today's topic is knitting.

Thus far in A to Z, we've covered a pretty eclectic sampling of interests in my spunky little corner of the world. Today, we're going to be exploring one of my creative outlets.

When I was little, I'd watch my mom make afghans for servicemen and women who served under her, primarily when they were expecting a child. It was soothing, watching her knit - the sound of the needles as they brushed against each other, seeing the individual skeins of yarn blend to create a new pattern of color.

It wasn't until I was in high school, she taught me to knit. I made my first blanket over a series of weeks. I even took it to school to work on after completing my midterms. I can remember sitting in my Biology class, waiting for everyone else to finish with the exam, and knitting.

I've since taught my sister the basics of knitting and she has long since surpassed me in skill. I've never made anything other than a blanket. One of these days, I might learn. Maybe. I still enjoy making blankets. I enjoy seeing the possibilities and picking the colors and then being either pleasantly surprised when it's better than I expected or, in two cases, horrified by how awful and frighteningly bad it can be.

My current project is an Elemental blanket for the element of Air. My sister, Riz, and I did some several years ago. The Earth blanket didn't turn out right; she and I disagreed on what colors to use in the Air blanket (she made it, so it was yellow and white). While Yellow is traditionally the color used to represent Air, that's never worked for me. The Spirit blanket was an in-reality-absolute-nightmare result, although the concept was good. Plus, she gave away the Water blanket (that's a whole, long drama that I'll spare you) despite it being PERFECT. I decided to recreate the Elemental blankets, starting with Air.

Yes, that is a huge knitting needle. It's a size 50.
I decided to start with Air because it's my primary element (Gemini is an Air sign). Plus, I wanted to prove to my sister that it would be as cool as I thought. Damn, if I wasn't right. She wants it now, ha! 
I'm about two-thirds done.
Color scheme is supposed to be like a stormy, cloudy sky...
 Next up will be either Earth or Water. I'm torn because I really want to see if the yarn I picked this time for Earth is better than the last one (the color scheme was like camo and I do not *do* camo). I also really want to see how Water turns out because it has blues and I think it's going to be really, really pretty. Well, we'll see.

Do you do crafty things with your hands (besides write, for all you writers out there)?


  1. Hi Amy, that's a really cool blanket! I love the gray stormy color. I asked my mother to teach me how to crochet this weekend, so we'll see how it goes!

    Chontali Kirk

  2. It's beautiful and - dare I say it? - airy. :-)
    I'm very crafty. I'm a basic knitter and crocheter; I paint with oil, watercolor, and acrylic; I draw; I create with Sculpey; I design and make wreaths; I'm an expert seamstress.
    I love to create. Love-love-love it. :-)

  3. I taught myself to knit and have only done blankets as well. Mine are not as intricate or cool as yours. I do find it very relaxing. Unfortunately in Southern California we do not use the blankets very often.

    Your air blanket looks amazing. I hope you post the others you complete.

  4. I love the elemental blanket you made me!

    I learned to crochet, but not to know. One of these days I'll have to get you to teach me!

  5. That is one serious blanket! Very impressed! :)

  6. That came out awesome!!! Please post pics of the Earth and Water ones when you get to them :)
    - Heather The Evil Twin with Love From the A to Z Challenge @thewinetwins.blogspot.com