20 April 2013

R is for...

It's day eighteen of the A to Z Challenge!

On this eighteenth day of the challenge, our subject will be reiki.

Reiki is universal healing energy. One who had been trained, has received several attunements, and has mastered the symbols is called a Reiki Master.

Energy healing can take different forms. It can occur through raising energy (like in a drum circle) and then directing the energy towards a specific person or place (like the city of Boston). Energy healing can occur through the "laying on of hands," also this kind of energy healing involves directing one's own energy into a person or place for healing. As such, it's very draining.

Reiki, on the other hand, is tapping into the energy of the universe and then directing it for healing purposes. If you give reiki, you also get reiki (I love that part). It doesn't require physical contact. Meaning, reiki can be sent from a distance. This means I can send reiki to my sister, Lana, in Arizona AND to my sister, Nikki, in Myrtle Beach without getting tired and needing to recharge.

Do your homework. Meet with a reiki master and see how comfortable you are with them. If you aren't comfortable, move on to someone else. Reiki is like any other healing practice: boundaries should be well defined, expectations should be clear, and confidentiality paramount. It's also emotional, hence stressing being comfortable with the person sending/giving it.

Namaste and bright blessings in your healing journey!


  1. I love that your topic is Reiki, and I greatly appreciate the diversity of the Reiki community.
    Although I was taught differently, I've come to a place in which I don't think of Reiki as an energy that can be directed; it just is. On the other hand, I do energy work, too, and I often direct it - to Boston, for instance.
    I delineate the two by heartbeat. Reiki healing is for that which has a beating heart, and energy healing is for everything else.
    Reiki healing requires permission: "May I place my hands on you?" and "May I offer you remote Reiki?"
    Energy healing requires intent, unless it's being used on a being with a heartbeat: I held the intention of enveloping all of Boston in energetic white light, and witnessed the crossing over of many souls in reaction (not just to my energy offering, but to the volume of energy being offered by an unknown number of sources). When I perform psychic surgery, a component of energy healing, it's always with permission.

  2. I healed my cat with a combination of Reiki and intuitive healing, a long time ago. I just acted on instinct, had no clear idea what I was doing but I've been hooked ever since. Our healing powers are amazing. Had I not experienced it myself, I never would have believed it.