09 April 2013

H is for...

Hello, and welcome to day eight of the A to Z Challenge!

Today's topic is harmony.

I love all kinds of music. I love classical, pop, rock, alternative, metal, country (well, some), jazz, blues, swing, big band... I think you get the idea. I love solo artists with powerful voices and bands with amazing acoustics and rhythms. More, though, I love a group with really freakin' good harmony.

Some of my favorites include Boys II Men, Barlow Girl, Zac Brown Band, Celtic Woman, Pistol Annies, Rockapella, Indigo Girls, Antigone Rising, The Judds, Lady Antebellum, Wilson Phillips. No matter the genre, there is beauty and joy in a blending of voices that produces something sweeter than a simple melody. I think that's what I loved most about singing in choir and hearing other choirs sing. There is power in the sound of many voices that is very different from a lone voice. One is not better than the other, just perfectly different.

What about you? Any favorite duos, trios, or groups who harmonize that I haven't mentioned? Anyone you would recommend without hesitation?


  1. I'm a huge fan of harmony - hearing it and singing it. I love the pairing of powerful, typically solo voices; Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion, Sarah McLachlan and Josh Groban, for example. I also have a great appreciation for barbershop quartets, and a well-rehearsed and balanced chorus. :-)

  2. Oh, barbershop quartets… I love barbershop quartets. So, I'm going to make a fool of myself by sharing this, but a couple years ago I found this little light up singing Christmas decoration (a la the singing snowmen from Hallmark). It's a snowmen barbershop quartet singing Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree. Best. Decoration. Ever. :-)