23 April 2013

T is for...

It's day twenty of the A to Z Challenge. :-)

Today's topic is Tubing.

When I was little, we moved a lot because my mom was in the Air Force. The only place in my world that was constant was Grandma G's, out in the country.  She lived about 20 minutes outside of Covington and just below Gathright Dam and Lake Moomaw.

In the summers, which were hot, we'd cool off by playing in the Jackson River, which flowed through her backyard. We'd splash and look for fun stones to skip. Mostly, though, we'd climb into big inner tubes and float down the river. There was this one access point where someone had tied a rope to a tree. We'd reach the access point, climb out of the water with our tubes, leave tubes on the shore, and then swing out and SPLASH into the river at a deep spot.
Jackson River Access Point
Isn't that just inviting? Don't you just want to jump in and cool off? Okay, maybe not yet, but come back and look at this picture in the middle of the sweltering summer. Yeah, it'll be inviting.
Anyway. Once we'd finished with the swinging out on the rope and swimming back to shore a bunch of times, we'd hoist up our tubes and walk up the Access Point road (I use the word road loosely, it was just gravel) until we got back to Natural Well Rd and then went up to the spring.


If this image seems familiar, it should. It's the cover to Pieces of the Soul. This place was such an intergral part of my life, it was only natural that I used it for my book cover.

So, we'd walk to the spring, tubes on our shoulders or balancing on our heads (I was a kid, remember?), and we'd gulp the fresh spring water. Oh, it was nice and cold and it hit the spot! The spring is just off the road, in this well shaded area. It's cool and inviting. That old cooler you see in the picture, you can actually step into it, if you're brave enough to submerge your feet in the FREEZING cold water.

After drinking our fill, we'd walk back to Grandma G's and start all over again. It was the best way to spend a summer day at her house.

Do you have any places that tug, not just on your heart strings, but on your soul? Tell me about them!


  1. We had this creek that we'd go out to sometimes, but we actually used vines hanging from the trees to swing out into it.
    We didn't often have inner tubes, but we had old tractor tires we used to roll each other around in. Not in the water.

    1. Sounds like a lot of fun, the rolling around in the tires on dry land. :-)

  2. Mushy's Camp on East Grand Lake in Forest City, ME. Bar Harbor. Anywhere on Prince Edward Island. My sit spot overlooking the Atlantic and the Isles of Shoals. Magic.

    1. It sounds magic! I love places like that, where you can carry that bit of magic with you.

  3. Well, you've already read about mine ;-)
    This does sound like a perfect summer day! I would have hated the walk back though...
    Tina @ Life is Good
    Co-host, April 2013 A-Z Challenge Blog
    @TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

    1. Tina, it wasn't far of a walk, less than a quarter of a mile. It really was the perfect length of time, because by the time I made it back to Grandma's, I'd not only dried off but gotten hot again so I could just hop back in the river.

  4. Tubing sounds like fun. I have always enjoyed the beach and sand.

    Chontali Kirk

    1. Me, too! The sound is just so perfectly soothing.