13 April 2013

L is for...

Hello, and welcome to day twelve of the A to Z Challenge!

Today's topic is Lughnasadh, or Lammas.

Well, that was the original plan for this post, anyway. Yesterday, I traveled to my alma mater, Roanoke College, for my ten year reunion. I didn't go to my ten year high school reunion; I didn't feel compelled to do so. Somehow, though, I found myself anxiously waiting to see who would be at 'dear old Roanoke,' who I might get to catch up with during the whirlwind of activities.

I spent the evening at FOTQ (Friday on the Quad, a cookout/picnic event with a band) and at my sorority house. Then I ate dinner with some good friends at my home away from dorm room, Macado's.

It left me thinking about the kinds of love we encounter in our lives: friends, sorority sisters (or, for some, fraternity brothers), family, spouses, nieces, nephews, children, and places. It's the latter that struck me the most today, seeing all the familiar haunts from four amazing years in my life.

So, I'll leave you with a moment from yesterday where I was reminded of the beauty of a place and the love it can hold.

standing on elizabeth campus feeling the warm breeze
a stillness
     not just deep within
     but carried on the wind

a peace
     so potent in the moment
     that all is right with the world and you

laughter and music drifting
lazily in the fading sunlight
scent of spring


with memories
     of other days just like this
so long ago

face turned
     catching the last rays of twilight
that glint off the windows
that once shielded you

looking in and seeing the past
     as the future looks backr


  1. I love this! There's a point where you grow into loving reunions- my 20th *weep* High School one is this October- and your post reminds me of what it's truly about
    - Heather The Evil Twin with Love From the A to Z Challenge @thewinetwins.blogspot.com

  2. Heather, I definitely had a blast while I was there. :-)